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"Cleantouch has been the best solution to our cleaning needs. Besides the excellent service we are receiving the Cleantouch employees are curteous and friendly. We have welcomed Cleantouch employees as our own. They are also very responsive to our needs of additional service in a timely manner. Over all we couldn't be happier with the level of service we receive from Cleantouch Janitorial Ltd."
John P.
"The last time they cleaned I actually stopped and stared into my kitchen sink, shocked at how shiny it was! They do a fantastic job for the very decent price. I like them so much I'm setting up a bi-weekly cleaning!"
Kristen J
"When I got home, the place looked great and there was no harsh cleaning smell at all. Cleantouch even cleaned under my bed which was a huge surprise. Also, they wiped down all the kitchen appliances and anything on the bathroom counters. They were even able to remove some leftover grease on the stove top that the previous owners left."
Santa Ana
"Absolutely fantastic! If youre considering any kind of cleaning service, THIS is the one. For starters- very very reasonable pricing.Cleantouch is cheaper than any other comparable services. Owner is extremely nice, and whether it's he or a crew of his, youre place won't look better. They cleaned all my blinds, one by one! Great job, great service, great value! Highly recommended "